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Smile Gallery

Its never to late to get the smile you've always wanted


16 crowns later, this patient finally loves his smile.


Full Cosmetic Reconstruction

Wow did this smile "makeover" turn out nice. This patient dealt with teeth that she was always self conscious about. Now I can't get this person to stop smiling. Not even for one second. This patient was thrilled.

Get Rid of Your Denture

Six implants placed on the top and then put in a FIXED bridge. Fixed means this bridge does not come out. It looks and feels like real teeth. WOW!!!

Ugly Crowns and Missing Teeth

She had old crowns on the top. She didn't have teeth on the lower. We did veneers on the top and did implants and veneers on the bottom. What a difference!!!

De Pimp Your Grill

What a life change for this young man.

Subtle Changes

This woman was not happy with her old crowns. Now she is happy. Remember good dental work is when you don't know it is there.


This patient had an accident when he was a kid. It was time to make them look right again. I think we succeeded.

Single Tooth Crown

This gentleman waited until he was in his FIFTIES to change this. Please don't wait, it is super easy. What an awesome result.

Single Tooth Veneer

This young man was born with a "Peg" lateral. Wow, did this turn out nice.

Bonding/White Filling

Removal of amalgam/silver fillings and replacement with natural tooth colored fillings. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These are fillings that you can't even see. They look like real teeth. What a difference.

Anterior Resins

When some use to chip their teeth it would cost a small fortune. Now with the advent of life-like resin material, it is just a one hour appointment.

No Job TOO Large

This patient really turned it around. He turned neglect into a beautiful, natural looking smile. I am proud of him. WOW!!!

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